Text change: The original Hermit (9) card included the text 

the lights, the sounds, the smells to set your teeth on edge, make your hair stand up

which is a quote from George Orwell's 1984 (Two Minutes Hate). I included it as a reference, intending to invoke the work as part of the paranoid, frenzied tone of the Hermit card. Upon review, I decided that it was not clear enough that it is a quote, and ultimately decided to replace the text with new, original writing. Other cards contain references, but none to the extent of this card's original text.

Format change: The text on the print-and-play Tarot pages is no longer rasterized, which should make it easier to read on screen. This could be useful if you want to ctrl-f for a particular Arcane to print.

Miscellaneous text layout improvements.

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